Two years after the beer started flowing, there was a craving in Red River for something a bit stronger. Red River Brewing Company began the distillation operation currently producing five types of craft liquor, made with the finest ingredients and fresh mountain water. Defining a brand that felt at home with the overall Red River Brewing Company brand, yet presenting the bold ethos of their southwestern mining town was critical in differentiating the brewery and distillery side our RRBC products.

RRBC Spirits Labels
Red River Brewing Company & Distillery’s liqour was born out of a simple love of great cocktails. With pure, local ingredients and mathmatic precision in their craft, these distillers make liquor with fresh mountain water and a lot of care. The hope is that this little mountain watering hole can provide a great drink for any traveler and beer lover. With a liquor for every flavor profile, and the most skilled flannel wearing bar tenders, each patron leaves with a good old fashioned grin on their face.

The branding of the distillery was inspired by the rich local history of Red River, New Mexico. The small town boomed in the 1890’s with mining fever, and has retained the rugged mountain lifestyle even as the industry shifted to outdoor tourism. The RRBC spirits lable aethetic is an ode to the old southwestern stores that lined mainstreet. Bold black print, hints of color that express each spirit’s personality, and room for hand written markings for the talented distillers, this label expresses who these mountain folk are.

RRBC Cocktail Pouches

 While the spirits are the main focus of the distillers, they must also be mixed with fresh ingredients in order to craft delightful cocktails. Red River Brewing Company + Distillery also offers “good-to-go” cocktail pouches that take on a silimilar, yet slightly different personality. If the spirit labels reflect the old spirit of the Red River miners, these pouches embody the true spirit of mountain relaxation. Transparent pouches to see the tasty cocktails, and space for the hand written charm of their bar-tenders, RRBC allows patrons to take the bar outside as they hike, bike, or sit by the campfire.


A young distillery starting as just a brewery won prestigious awards in just their first year of producing craft spirits. It was an honor to see my label designs being presented during these awards ceremonies, and I am so proud of the hard work, passion, and love that the brewers and distillers put into the contents of these bottles.

Silver King Vodka awarded "Best of Class" for American Craft Vodka 2021
- American Distilling Institute

Silver King Vodka awarded  "Best of Category" for Neutral Character Vodka 2021
- American Distilling Institute

Silver King Vodka awarded a Silver Medal
- Sante' Magazine 2021

Purkapile Rum awarded Bronze Medal 2021
- American Distilling Institute

Silver King Vodka awarded  Double-Gold Medal for Craft Vodka 2021
- American Distilling Institute

Cabresto Cañon Agave Spirit awarded  's Bronze Medal 2021
- American Distilling Institute

Silver King Vodka awarded a Gold medal
- 2021 Sunset International Spirits Competition

Mallette Bros. Gin awarded Bronze Medal 2021
- American Distilling Institute