Homesick is an app that helps those suffering from illness get personalized products for their symptoms. By allowing users to describe what is keeping them down, Homesick finds the goods to get them back up. The end goal is to help sick individuals mitigate their symptoms, without having to stand in the bright flourescent pharamcy reading small bottle labels while not in the right headspace.

Homesick curates and recommends care supplies for people who are sick and are unable to venture outside of their homes (even their beds) or rely on their friends and family to drop off supplies

 This ranges from people who can't leave because they are contagious, all the way to the individuals who have simply don’t know what they need to get better. Homesick takes your pre-existing conditions, active medications, and current symptoms into account in order to create the best care package for both your current state and budget.

Users begin each order by filling out a survey to identify what symptoms they are hoping to mitigate. This factors in the specific symptom being experienced, their severities, and the current medications being used. It’s important to recognize that this application considers drug interactions and explains how/why selected over-the-counter products may interact with drugs already in the user’s system.

Once the survey is complete, the user is presented with a list of recommended products that will help them start feeling better. Each recommendation has full usage and legal details in order to educate the user about products they may have no experience with.

While services exist to both deliver groceries and medical prescriptions, there is a gap for providing curated symptom management products that do not require medical professionals to prescribe. This gap provides an opportunity to provide personalized care those who may not physically or mentally be able to select products for themselves.

Once products are selected and paid for, the user can track their delivery so they don’t have to leave their bed until absolutely necesarry. When trying to heal from an illness, this convienient experience can truly help individuals relax, sleep, and concerve their energy.

Get well sooner!