Born out of joking conversation over beers in the garage, Red River Brewing Company was established in Red River, New Mexico in the Spring of 2018. Surrounded by mountains and based in a historic mining town, this local watering hole attracts everyone from skiers to horseback riders at the end of a long day playing in the outdoors. Working in collaboration with Britt Felton, I brewed up a one of a kind visual language that will remind families of their time in this small mountain town.

Brand Design

Originally a gold mining settlement, Red River is now a mountain tourism hub for much of the Southwest. With the explosion of local breweries throughout the US, our main objective was to create a unique and recognizable brand, while still reflecting the values of the small town of Red River, NM.

Official logo

Red River Brewing Company wanted to visually represent the history of Red River while remaining modern and hip. We created a bold identity which attracts thirsty friends from miles around while the beer keeps them coming back for more. Additionally, we consulted RRBC on overall interior design and material choices including furniture designs, bar material, merchandise showcases, signage, tap handles and much more.

Brand logos + colors

Midnight Black - 231F20

Campfire Red - D04F53

Burning Orange - FF9F37

Menu Design

Red River Brewing Company boasts a beer menu which competes with breweries that have been around for decades. Since these menus are one of the first interactions customers have with RRBC, every detail had to match both the brewery’s brand and personality.

Main menu

The lunch and dinner menus make your mouth water and help you find the best foods to match the best beer you’ll ever have. In order to handle a continuously changing menu, a flexible and legible menu structure was designed. These menus have been designed to be configurable by RRBC and their chefs as their offerings change and evolve.

Drinks menu

The drinks menu is clearly the most important peice of paper in the brewery. It lists and describes every beer, liquor, and mixed drink available to patrons so they can find the drink that fits them best. In addition to the delicious beverages, this menu also includes infographics describing how the skilled brewers and distillers process raw ingredients in order make delicious liquids. This not only helps educate customers, but it acts as a conversation point with friends, family, and bartenders. RRBC loves talking shop and showing off how they make such great stuff!

Kids menus

Yes, it’s a brewery and distillery, but RRBC strives to be a family friendly pub that caters to children of all ages. We all miss the days of crayon baskets and competing with our siblings to make the coolest drawings. These kids menus help kids see and appreciate the local wildlife of Northern New Mexico, while their parents appreciate the fine drinks from the bar.


Since Red River Brewing Company will be visited by thousands of visitors every year, the demand or merchandize is high. Providing a touchstone for customers to remember their good times in Red River is crucial to keeping thirsty people coming back. Take home a hat, shirt, hoodie, or even better, some beer to your family and friends.

Beer merch

One of my goals with RRBC is to help personify the craft beer they work so hard to perfect. The bartenders often say “the best beer is the one you like” and often times thirsty patrons won’t try something they are unfamiliar with. These annually released beer graphics help beer lovers understand how brewers view each of their best seeling beer’s personalities.


My design work for Red River Brewing Company & Distillery helped them receive several notable awards within the craft brewing community in New Mexico. Good beer, good liquor, and a great visual language makes families and beers not come back again and again.

List of their awards, because I’m so proud!